Tuesday, October 30, 2018

August 2017 Memory Keeping | Traveler Notebook

I remember when school started after Labor Day and August was summer really just kicking in...school starts for us the first week in August ;( It is so hard saying goodbye to Summer.

Like a true scrapper, I like to save little things I get from Emma's school.  I put a couple here.  I have an envelope of more things that I need to decide how I want to include.

Looking back at the start of 4th grade with relief...it was the hardest school year for us.  It was a transitional year from elementary to middle school for us, and Emma's gifted teacher really was night and day compared to the previous year.  Emma pretty much came home, plopped her book bag down (which weighed a ton), got a snack, and started homework.  She really did not have a life because of the demands of the gifted class.  We went into the year, knowing we may have to cancel or stop any outside activities, and we did.  Sadly we stopped ballet that January.  But sooo very thankful this year is a 180 and much more balanced, as it should be.

I didn't realize until looking back, we had just seen the movie Leap! which was all about dance and Emma LOVED it!  Very happy Momma to have my girl able to enjoy and use her talents more for 5th grade.

Thanks so much for looking!  I have all of 2018 to document, and now with not working as a concept designer for FSJ, I'm excited to get started...will have to share soon!

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