Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Layered Stamps Technique + Video Tutorial | Elle's Studio

Hello Friends!  I don't know if school has started for anyone else, whether the kids or even the adults!  But it has here...for this Summer-loving girl, time with Emma, out of routine-part of me is very slowly getting my mind wrapped around the back to routine of school, ballet, and soon piano.  And Emma is now in 6th grade, Momma needs to pray MORE to keep her reactions of tween-age attitude.   And did I ever mention, chickadee wears contacts now...guess who puts them in and takes them out?  Yep, all I can say is thank you, Jesus, they went in on the first try this morning...a true miracle with the eye opening of my sweet girl being smaller than the actual contact!!!

Okay, so a great stress-reliever and well, escape is to dive into some creativity.  I always seem to get very into what I'm creating, and as I do that, things start to move, add or take away and just grow.  I have this Traveler's Notebook spread up on the Elle's Studio blog today using the new August Kit + Extras, but focusing on not just Back to School, but Stamping Techniques.  See the Elle's Studio blog here for more details.  Here are a few more close-ups to share here as well.

With Summer, so out of routine and busier than normal, I'm glad to have gotten a chance to video this process.  So if you are new to stamping or want to try some new things, like masking, stamping with more than one color, combining ink colors, and how I found the inspiration for this project, I hope you will join me in this video showing the steps and process.  Thank you for stopping by!!

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